Shop Talk

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As Ben Huberman of WordPress’ now-defunct Community Pool once wrote,

It’s this interaction that makes blogging so awesome (!!!)

We all know what he was referring to:

  • Meaningful conversations between blog writers about blogging/writing
  • Links to your latest post for constructive feedback
  • Requests for answers to specific questions, rather than general advice
  • Discussions about your Blogging U coursework and how it is coming along



We here at A Million Words Or Less are attempting to revive the Blog Writer’s Community Forum idea, and spice it up a little bit.

Come to this page for all your discussion-related “shop talk.” Operators are standing by. Just kidding– but there is a world of fellow-bloggers out there who are just dying to (re)connect!

So, put up your links and your questions in the comments section below, and see where the day takes you! 🙂 We can all stand to learn something.


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