Well, I followed the instructions and created an account at, which seems to be a whole operation dedicated to spitting out one-word writing prompts. Okay. So, my first word is


Everything is Illuminated was not one of my favorite books, though my dad loves the movie version (big surprise.) In my current story, the moon has a special kind of illumination for this character. It shines in a mysterious way, which she thinks is called “moonshine.” That could also be called, “illumination.” Illuminating ideas was always boring to me, like something someone who was very up on themselves would do. “Professor, why don’t you illuminate this theory for us.” Like they’re a lamp and everyone else lives in the shadows? It’s barbaric in its implications or connotations or whatever. However, when my skin looks luminous, it means I must be truly satisfied and happy.

OK. That was fun. Another. This time the word is… oops! Looks like Illuminated is the word of the day! Head on over to, sign up for a quickie account, and add your reverie to the mumbling sea’s… it shows you what everyone else came up with, too, when you’re done. I don’t know, a new morning ritual?




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